Creative Life Conversations

Our monthly self-discovery workshop. Creative Life Conversations utilizes the power of honest, engaging conversations to uncover values and strengths, leading participants towards actionable goal-setting and powerful self-discovery. We recommend this workshop for all people seeking greater clarity in life, but especially students on their college and career journeys. 


Past Workshops


Gathering & Giving

In this series we focused on mindful movements, meditation, and communication in order to build community. Participants were able to share their experiences of the practices as well as any reflections from their personal lives.

Transfer Application Workshops

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A workshop focused on simplifying the transfer process for students looking to transfer from community colleges to CSUs. 

August 17 - October 12, 2020 Mondays fro

Mindful Resilience

A seven part series focused on building resilience during COVID-19. Resilience is a key psychological trait that helps us adapt to difficult circumstances. Participants explored mindful practices and learned neuroscience principles to increase resilience in their daily lives.

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