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Creative Life Mapping

Hello and welcome to Creative Life Mapping! I am Eugenie Lewis, LCSW, an educator, career and academic counselor. I specialize in mentoring people at all ages and stages of life to discover and fulfill life purpose, interests and education.

Through my expertise and training, I will support you in finding your future path and overcoming barriers to achieving your goals!

What are your aspirations? Perhaps they involve college or graduate school, an internship, volunteering, a job search, starting your own business, moving across the country, or traveling the world. Whatever your strongest intentions, I can help you make them happen!

Are you going through an exciting yet tough time in your life? If so, I would be your enthusiastic champion for positive change—a cheerleader to fully encourage your heartfelt dreams!

It is my passion and purpose to help you find your way to a happy, healthy, productive and balanced life. I support people in finding themselves and making a difference in the world. The closer we can connect to our true callings, the better our world will become for everyone!

With my clients, I offer my services individually, through group workshops and classroom presentations.
If you believe I would be a good fit for you, your school, college, or organization, please feel free connect with me. I hope to see you down the road!

Good luck and all the very best!

Eugenie Lewis 

Eugenie Lewis, LCSW

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