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Wellness Services

Creative Life Mapping (CLM) provides individual and group coaching sessions to support people of all ages in determining the next steps in their life path. By engaging in activities designed to clarify interests and gifts, you are able to find academic, career and wellness opportunities that best meet your needs and make a difference in the world. 

Wellness services help you thrive in your personal, career and academic life by supporting healthy habits, resilience, stress management and other life skills. These services support your physical health and mental wellness, self-confidence, and healthy identity. 

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Academic and organizational skills

Academic and organizational skills including prioritizing tasks, creating a routine, calendar planning important dates and deadlines, focusing attention, and preparing for tests. 


Social and communication skills

Social and communication skills are so important in all the parts of your life. We help you find opportunities to participate in groups, learning opportunities and community projects. These a great way to develop friendships, communication skills and create life balance. 


Emotional support

Emotional support is needed as we navigate through life’s ups and downs and transitions. You may find it helpful to keep developing skills, such as regulating strong emotions, distress tolerance, scheduling enjoyable activities and healthy coping.


Personal Development

We love to support you in creating a healthy and balanced personal life by supporting your creativity, finding enjoyable hobbies, and supporting positive experiences.



Self care helps you live a healthy life, including eating a good diet, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, relaxing and engaging in mindfulness practices.

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