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Academic Services

Creative Life Mapping (CLM) provides individual and group coaching sessions to support people of all ages in determining the next steps in their life path. By engaging in activities designed to clarify interests and gifts, you are able to find academic, career and wellness opportunities that best meet your needs and make a difference in the world. 

Academic Services help you identify education and training opportunities that serve as a foundation for your long-term goals. You are supported in researching possible career paths, developing college lists, selecting majors and planning coursework. We also support you during critical life transitions. 

Career Coaching

You are able to participate in a variety of activities that help you determine your strengths, values and interests. Through a process of personal clarification and exploration planning, together we map out a way to bring your desires into action.


Academic Planning and application services 

Using Information gathered from career coaching, you are supported in researching possible colleges, majors and training programs that fit your goals, interests, geography, affordability and diversity. You are able to complete courses, develop needed skills, and apply to schools and programs.


Community college services 

You might consider community college as a career and academic pathway for enrichment, achieving marketable skills and saving money. There are a number of opportunities for high school, college and transfer students to engage in interesting courses, complete certificates and degree programs, and complete lower division courses to transfer to a four-year college.


Financial Planning

The cost of attending college and training programs is a big deal for families. Services help you by estimating the cost of attendance and providing information about financial aid. You may learn basic financial literacy concepts such as budgeting, saving money, and considering future income for different occupations. 


Transitional Support

You are supported in making significant life changes, such as moving from middle to high school, high school to college, community college to a four-year college, and school to work.

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