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Career Services

Creative Life Mapping (CLM) provides individual and group coaching sessions to support people of all ages in determining the next steps in their life path. By engaging in activities designed to clarify interests and gifts, you are able to find academic, career and wellness opportunities that best meet your needs and make a difference in the world.

Career Services assist you with self-discovery, goal-setting, academic planning and researching labor market information that help you find careers that are a good personal fit. 

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Visualizing your future 

By learning about different career paths of interest, you are able to concretely visualize your future.


Personal Clarification and finding purpose

By engaging in self-reflection activities, you are able to identify your values, interests and desires. Activities include games, storytelling, and creative projects. You are able to develop a clarification sketch that may be used in college applications, resumes, a Linked-In profile, and in college and job interviews.


Intentional Exploration

With greater personal clarity, you are supported in researching and trying out academic, career and personal enrichment opportunities. Services support you in engaging in activities, such as “career window shopping”, networking, and informational interviewing.


Finding jobs, internships, volunteering and community service

You are supported in finding opportunities to gain valuable life experiences, develop your skills, preparing for interviews and exploring career and academic opportunities.


Goal Setting and Action Planning

Research demonstrates that individuals who set goals achieve greater success and satisfaction in life. You are supported in developing short and long-term plans to prepare for school and work.

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