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Creative Life Mapping (CLM) supports clients at all ages and stages of life with career exploration, personal development, college planning and skill development. By exploring personal qualities and values, gaining valuable life experiences, and reflecting on life “stories,” CLM participants are able to make important life decisions, present themselves with clarity and strength, and take meaningful action.


Creative Life Mapping supports the pursuit of multiple domains of life, including work, education, relationships, personal growth, health, and leisure activities. 


Follow your passion


Creative Life Mapping (CLM) provides individual, group and classroom services with the goal of supporting people of all ages with career, academic and wellness services. By engaging in experiential personal clarification and exploration activities, connections are made between their personal interests, workforce needs and opportunities to make a difference in the world. The ultimate goal is to find meaningful academic, work, and personal opportunities that are a good match.

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Our Process

Creative Life Mapping supports people of all ages with making well-informed and inspired career choices. By taking time to reflect on personal values and life experiences, people develop a stronger sense of identity, confidence, hope, and direction for their lives. Career and personal plans are supported by wellness and career skills which are incorporated in the services.

This Creative Life mapping process starts by engaging people with a series of questions about their background and current situation. This is followed by a guided process of personal clarification, intentional exploration, planning and inspired action.


Here are the steps:

Whats Next for Me?

Creative Life Mapping engages with people at any age or stage in life by learning about their current situation to get a picture of their needs and desires as a foundation for working together.

Personal Clarification

​supports people in identifying life values, desires, strengths, interests, and possibilities. By engaging in a variety of experiential self-reflection activities, people are able to clarify what is important in their current life. Activities include storytelling, creative projects and games which serve as a foundation for future planning. People are able to prepare a “clarification sketch” and define current goals.

Intentional Exploration

With greater personal clarity, people are able to research, explore and try out academic, career, and enrichment opportunities. Intentional exploration activities include such things as researching schools, organizations, career “window-shopping”, networking with people, informational interviewing, job shadowing, engaging in community service projects, and participating in job, volunteer and internship opportunities. This way, people and gain insight and exposure to professionals in the field.

Career Academic & Financial Planning

helps people to set short- and longer-term goals for their academic, career and financial plans. For academic planning, it includes such activities as planning coursework, selecting a major, developing a college list, identifying needed supports, and completing applications. For career and job planning, it involves setting aside time to prepare a resume and Linked-In profile, research organizations, meet people, apply for jobs and prepare and participate in interviews. ​ Financial planning includes budgeting, researching economical programs, applying for aid and scholarships.

Inspired Action

With career and academic plans in place, people are able to take actions to move forward confidently with their goals, plans and timelines. ​

Transitional Support

Following acceptance to college and or employment, Creative Life Mapping supports people in making important life transitions by finding needed support systems and resources. ​

Career, Academic & Wellness Resources

help people to be successful in school and work by supporting them with academic, social, emotional and career development skills. Examples of resources include: study skills, tutoring, financial literacy, mentorship, application supports, resume building, interviewing practice, job placement referrals, job skills and readiness, time management and training opportunities.

"Eugenie was a tremendously helpful guide as I navigated the expansion of my journalistic career. I’m attempting to increase my coverage from consumer economic and real estate issues to the healthcare sphere. She helped me clarify my goals and was extremely supportive in their execution. "

 - Ellen Martin - 

"With the help of the One Life Tools platform, Eugenie helped me identify and hone in on my skills and interests relating to careers. By going over what I liked and did not like about prior careers, she built a personal snapshot of my skill-set that I could apply in future job pursuits. It was also great being able to speak to someone both knowledgeable about career advice and relatable as a person when figuring out my next steps in life." 

 - Kevin - 

"Genie has offered me great guidance in my career! As an aspiring therapist, Genie has provided me with resources and advice that have truly helped me on my path! She is very well connected and has innovative ideas that serve to link my aspirations to opportunities and experiences. "

 - Jessica Arnato- 

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